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We believe every employee should get the support they need to quickly choose the best health plan for their needs.
That’s why we are offering Tango Decision Assist Standard at no cost.

Just register for your personalized decision support tool and we will get back to you soon with your company’s link.

Tango Decision Assist Standard supports your employees with:

  • Quick recommendation in about 3 minutes.
  • Credible calculations show the math and tax savings behind a recommendation.
  • Personalized medical cost estimates with “people like me” claims data and editable medical scenarios like adding a surgery or new prescription.

You don’t have to wait till open enrollment to use it. Test the tool with your HR team, onboard new employees, and verify your plan design. There are no limitations to how many people use it. To learn more how Decision Assist Standard compares with Decision Assist Pro, click here

If you are a broker or consultant, sign up today and you can build sites for your clients.

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